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About Kids Supplies, LLC

YanjuFamilyFrameOur founder is a working Denver mom who had grown to dread the annual school supply shopping showdowns at the local big box stores. Long lines, multiple lists, costly supplies, and the stress of the entire experience made her see a need for an an easy, quick, and painless way to get her kids set for the school year. She realized that a service is needed for all parents, to be able to select their child’s class, get the list from the school, and in one swoop have the supplies sent directly to their home or their child’s classroom.

No more headaches! No more hassles! And  you will save time and money on the dreaded chore of getting school supplies!

Last minute shopper? No problem, we have already found the most quality supplies for you – so no rushing to the store just to get the bottom of the barrel, leftover supplies! And Kids Supplies, LLC has the lists directly from your child’s classroom, so you can be sure nothing is overlooked!

Save Money, Sanity, and Enjoy the Convenience of Kids Supplies, LLC!

Why Buy with Us? Here are some of the reasons to choose us:

  • One stop, online shopping for all your child’s supply needs. Easy and NO hassles!
  • Consistency – same product quality and performance for all students.
  • Support local businesses – Most supplies are made in the USA.
  • Save your time & sanity – no waiting in lines or driving store to store.
  • Quality supplies that will last your child’s school year!
  • All the school supplies on your child’s list – sent directly to their classroom!
  • Good Supplies, Good Prices, Great Convenience, Great Service!