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We have done our homework, so you can relax!

We have:

  • Researched the schools and classes
  • Gathered the required lists from the teachers
  • Teamed up with several excellent suppliers


1. Find Your School & Grade

PayPal: Add the grade(s) from your school. Once you are redirected to PayPal note your child is a boy/girl in the Note box.

Cash/Check: Contact Kids Supplies, LLC by email or phone. We will need: Your name, Address, your child’s name, school and grade. If you have multiple children please list each separately with their name, school and grade.

*All information gathered is kept confidential within our company and used solely to provide you and your child with their school supplies.*

2. Choose Your Payment

We can accept PayPal, cash or checks.

For cash or checks, please email or call us at 978-604-4643.


3. Confirmation

Once we have your order, please allow up to 24 hours for an email confirmation of your purchase.

We do our best to exceed your expectations, and we are a small mom and pop business, so thank you for understanding. We take excellent care of each and every one of our customers!


Easy! That’s it…you are done purchasing your child’s school supplies!

Now you can relax and enjoy your day!